New Merlot JA E-Bike Throttle Attachment.  **Free Shipping**
The Throttle on the left is our RED. The Throttle on right is our Merlot Red.
New Merlot JA E-Bike Throttle Attachment.  **Free Shipping**
New Merlot JA E-Bike Throttle Attachment.  **Free Shipping**
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New Merlot JA E-Bike Throttle Attachment. **Free Shipping**

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 One of our newest colors is Merlot Red .  It’s a very nice, rich medium red, as opposed to our stock Red, which is more of a primary Red. The photos on the next page do not do it justice.  In one of the pictures, you will notice two red throttle attachments that are side by side and are different colors.  The JA Throttle Attachment on the left is our stock Red and the one on right is the Merlot Red. The rest of the photos are all of Merlot Red. This color is in no way a dark red or Burgundy.  Shadows and different lighting affect the color in photos. Great color for men and women!


Our twist throttle attachment, The JA's Throttle Attachment, is designed to fit on e-bike twist throttles with a diameter of 37mm (+/- 1.5mm).

This design allows you to use your twist throttle with ease by using just your thumb - not your wrist. Features a cinch strap that allows for a strong, non-slip attachment to your throttle. Installation takes less than 60 seconds! And enjoyment will last the lifetime of your bike!

Our specific design allows for a no-slip operation. When you push down on the JA Throttle Attachment - The JA is starts to bite into the twist throttle. No it doesn't leave any bite marks but the grip is amazing! Even the hardest riders will have a very difficult time getting our unit to slip!

Our thumb throttle attachments are manufactured here in the United States using a 3D printed process. With 3D printing we are able to achieve a seamless product that provides strength, function and capability that we could not find with injection molding. This allows us to keep our prices down utilizing the benefits of 3D print manufacturing. A win win win!

We're also proud to announce that our cinch straps are hand made here in the United States. Each strap is hand cut, welded and screen pressed with our logo. This allows our product to be officially designated: MADE IN AMERICA. We thank you for supporting an American business. 

Click the video below to watch our install guide so you can see just how easy it is to add a JA Throttle Attachment that won't come loose! 

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